Bihar Startup Yatra
Bihar Startup Yatra

Why Startup Yatra

Current Gap

The awareness about starting a venture/ an enterprise/ a startup in the state is at the lower end. The information can be regarding awareness about right from registering a legal entity for business to Govt./Non-Govt. schemes, Product feasibility, Market feasibility, Financing techniques, Project Report, Product Designing and Networking with prospective clients. Due to this event the part of the population who are potential entrepreneurs don’t give a thought towards being an Entrepreneur. This is a big deterrent in making the state an enterprising one.

Startup Yatra

Bihar Startup Yatra is a state-wide effort to foster entrepreneurship and help Startups Drive by Bihar Entrepreneurs Association in association with Department of Industries, Govt. of Bihar. Bihar Startup Yatra would be the 1st of its kind in the country supported by any state Government. Its importance can be visualized taking into consideration that Bihar is the state with highest youth population and catering the job requirement of everyone especially in Government sector is impossible.
A state-wide Campaign for Potential Entrepreneurs, Students, existing Startups, in Professional organizations, Colleges, Universities, Intermediate Schools can create a big pool of enterprising Community, especially who have the potential but were reluctant due to lack of knowledge and proper information. The aforesaid location has been chosen because the potential entrepreneurs are linked to these institutions/organizations. It will work in the following ways:

  • Giving the initial techniques of starting a business (Registering a company, maintaining basic finance/book-keeping, Networking and sharing contacts with experts in a particular sector, Marketing techniques)
  • Market feasibility study and analysis by experts
  • Business opportunity, Schemes, Supports from Govt. and Non-Govt agencies.
  • Linking with successful Start ups, and Business men in the state
  • Increasing orientation towards Innovation
  • Increasing inclination towards Entrepreneurship

                               Note - A backup to be created by setting up a Helpline centre with all the information at BEA centre


  • Enterprise setup guidance with proper motivation towards Entrepreneurship
  • Toolkit for Enterprise setup
  • Market opportunity
  • Information regarding Govt. Non- Govt schemes
  • Network and marketing
  • Motivating for Innovative products and innovative business models
  • Database of participants interested in Enterprise setup
  • Equity and Debt finance raising
  • Department of Industries to get more than 100 hundred entrepreneurs from every district from the Yatra

Expected Outcomes

  • A POSITIVE Ecosystem for Entrepreneurship throughout the state; making inclusive development of enterprises
  • A positive attitude towards Entrepreneurship in the state
  • More venture/ enterprises/ more businesses
  • More Employment, decreased dependency on jobs
  • Job Creation
  • Addition to the state GDP
  • Innovative products in the market